15 "End Of Summer" Road Trips You Should Take That Are 1, 2, & 3 Hours Away From Montreal

You've only got 3 weekends left!

Okay, I know talk of summer ending is a little depressing, but it has to be done. We all need a wake up call because summer really is ending in 3 weeks! We'll all be going back to school, getting back into serious work, or doing whatever it is real life tells us to in the fall. 

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It's always a sad time when summer comes to an end, but we don't have to be sad yet. There's still 3 whole weekends left and that means there's tons of time to explore. 

These last 3 weekends are the time to fit in all the road trips you said you were going to take with your friends but never got around to doing. Now's the time people! Get roadtripping ASAP! 

Road Trips 1 Hour Away πŸŒŠ  πŸŒ΅

Road Trips 2 Hours Away πŸŒ· πŸ¬

Road Trips 3 Hours Away πŸ’ 🌴

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