16 Cheapest Backpacking Trips In Europe You Gotta Go On Once In Your Life

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16. Prague, Czech Republic 

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Cheapest Meal: $5.30 

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $50/night 

Cheapest Beer: $1.50 

Prague is known to be one of the slightly more expensive destinations to travel in Europe, but if you know how to plan your trip to make the most of your money it shouldn't be a problem at all. Once you're here you've got to see the famous Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and the historical Wenceslas Square! 

15. Split, Croatia 

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Cheapest Meal: $9.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $90/night 

Cheapest Beer: $2.80

Croatia is a gorgeous country filled with amazing beaches and stunning scenery. The best beaches you have to visit here are Brac Beach, Marjan Beach, and Bacvice Beach! Roam the inner streets of the city and feel like you entered a Medieval fortress and enjoy some of the best authentic foods you've ever eaten.

14. Istanbul, Turkey 

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Cheapest Meal: $7.50 

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $47/night 

Cheapest Beer: $3.75

Istanbul one of the biggest cities in Turkey and is filled with culture and heritage. The city centre is crawling with towering basilicas, museums and bazaars! Enjoy some authentic Turkish food and explore the sights. 

13. Vilnius, Lithuania 

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Cheapest Meal: $10 

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $45/night 

Cheapest Beer: $3.85

Vilnius is Lithuania's capital and has a whole lot more going on than you would think. It's known for its unbelievable architecture, so you've got to see some of their most impressive buildings, Church of St. Anne, Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the Gate of Dawn. 

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