16 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are 1, 2, 3 and 4 Hours Away From Montreal

You deserve to live a little.

Summer is the perfect time to be spontaneous. Whether you just finished school for the year and all your time is free or you're still working during the week and you only have your weekends free, now is the time to explore. The weather is sunny and warm, so there's no excuse to hide out in your apartment anymore. 

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Lucky for us, Montreal is super close to some amazing sights. Some of them are in our own province, some are in Ontario and some are just over the border in the states. But none are more than 4 hours away! We have amazing waterfalls, swimming holes, hidden grottos and so much more not far from the city. 

So pack your day bag with a bathing suit and snacks, grab your closest friends, and hop in your car because you've got some amazing things to see! 

Day Trips That Are 1 Hour Away From Montreal

Day Trips That Are 2 Hours Away From Montreal

Day Trips That Are 3 Hours Away From Montreal

Day Trips That Are 4 Hours Away From Montreal

For More Roadtrips Close To Montreal, Check The Links Below: 

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