Canada has so many great things going for it. The nature, our free healthcare, and obviously how nice and polite we are. Being Canadian is definitely something to be proud of.

One of the best things about this country is the people that live here. We're known as a multicultural country and we pride ourselves on our acceptance and patriotism that draws people to this country.

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If you're lucky enough to date a Canadian guy you'll get someone unpredictable and spontaneous who will take you on some of the most totally unique dates. You know they'll do some super sweet things to show that they like you. Check out the list below to see all of the ways Canadian guys will do to show that they like you.

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16. He'll Take You For Tim Hortons Ice Caps By The Water 

15. He'll Take You For Poutine And A Movie 

14. He'll Propose On The Jumbotron At A Maple Leafs Or Habs Game 

13. He'll Say "Sorry" Every 5 Seconds 

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12. He'll Take You For A Ride On His Pet Moose 

11. He'll Take You Out For Maple Syrup Shots At The Bar 

10. He'll Take You For Beers On The Patio/Terrase In -30 Degree Weather 

9. He'll Lend You His Plaid Flannel When You Get Chilly 

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8. He'll Take You Back To His Igloo After The Date 

7. And Make You Bacon For Breakfast 

6. He'll Treat You To Ketchup Chips At The Movies 

5. He'll Compliment You On Your Jean On Jean Outfi

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4. When You Get Injured He'll Pay For Your Doctors Appointment, Oh Wait... 

3. He'll Take You Ice Fishing In The Winter 

2. He'll Be Wayyyy Too Polite On Every Date 

1. You'll Have Heated Discussions About Real Maple Syrup vs. Fake Maple Syrup 

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