20 Cute Date Ideas Near Montreal You Need To Go On With Your S/O This Fall

Experience some fun adventures!

Fall is just around the corner, which is super exciting! I know we didn't really have much of summer here in Montreal. With all the rain, chilly weather and barely any sun at all it really didn't feel like we got to experience the real summer season that we're used to. 

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But that's okay, we can move on from that and get exciting for all the amazing things that fall brings us! Just think about the beautiful fall foliage, the apple picking, the cute fall getaways, sweater season and warm cups of tea. Doesn't that make you feel happy? 

Well, it definitely does for me! I love fall because of all those things. So why not make the most of it and do a bunch of those amazing things you didn't get a chance to do this summer? Grab your S/O or your BFFs and experience one of these amazing date ideas this fall!

Glamping Dates โœจ

Hiking Dates ๐Ÿ‚

Spa Dates ๐ŸŒŠ

Road Trip Dates ๐Ÿš—  

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