Being a woman comes with a variety of complications. Having to deal with body issues, society, looks; it's never ending. Being a grown woman who could easily blend in with  group of twelve year old kids brings on it's own set of issues. It's a big, big world we live in and being a short person in it can be a struggle.

Sure, we can wear the highest heels we want and rarely have to worry about guys being shorter than us. But have you ever been compared to Snooki during her Jersey Shore reign based on the sole reasoning that you're both "little meatballs"? Yea, not a compliment.

Here are 22 struggles that every short girl faces:

1. Being carded even though you're well into your twenties

I'm sure I am older than you are but by all means, card away.

2. Finding any pants that you don't completely drown in

Hemming, folding or cutting is always a must if you don't feel like wearing your pants as shoes too.

3. Trying to get out of a truck/SUV/any car higher than the sidewalk without looking like drunken mess

It's 11 am on a Sunday, no I am not drunk. Just short.

4. Having more than just your head make it in to a photo with your average height/tall friends

I spent two hours choosing an outfit but sure, no big deal it doesn't show in any picture.

5. Trying to reach any shelf besides the first one

God bless counter tops or you'd never be able to reach up there

6. Constantly hearing "You must still shop in the kids section"

OK, I totally do but everything's just so much cheaper there! No need to point it out.

7. Finding long dresses that don't look like you're playing dress up

Maxi dresses are great but being able to move my legs without being drowned in fabric is nice too.

8. Everything you have is comparable to a baby

Look at those baby hands. Aww you're tiny baby feet are so cute.

9. People think you can fit anywhere

Why am I always the one crammed into the seat with all the luggage?

10. Being given nicknames like shorty, munchkin and midget

I'm 5 foot, not Tyrion Lannister.

11. You're always looking up

Long conversations with tall people can be difficult.

12. Regular people walking is your sprinting

You're constantly running to catch up with your average sized friends.

13. Your default description is "cute"

Everything you do is just so "cute." Look at you trying to act like a regular adult. So cute.

14. You look like you're being kidnapped if you date someone way taller than you

He's my boyfriend, not my keeper.

15. Even the shallow end of the pool is still deep for you

Good thing you have practice standing on your tip toes

16. Concerts are a no go for you

What's point of spending 200$ to stare at the back of everyone's head?

17. Nothing EVER fits right

Everything is always too long. Shirts, shorts, dresses, pants, everything.

18. Walking into someone means bumping in to their boobs or belly button

I promise, both are equally awkward.

19. Walking through turnstiles turns into an assault

It hits most people near the waist, for the short people it's a smack in the chest.

20. Convincing people you really are your age

Yes I know I look like I'm just starting high school but I promise you, I am actually 25.

21. Mirrors hung too high

Thank God I can see my forehead in this, I was wondering how it was looking today.

22. Being the shortest friend, even when you're wearing heels.

You have on 5 inch heels and your friends are in flats and yet still you're the shortest of the group.

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