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25 Montreal Girls On Instagram That Are Living The Life You Want

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It should come as no surprise that we all flock to Instagram for our daily dose of laughs, knowledge, and of course - inspiration. Whether you love a good meme, try to keep on top of breaking news, or you're feeling creative, Instagram is the ultimate way to have all your interests in one place and live streamed to you for maximum effectiveness.

Instagram has become a hub for young creatives to flourish. That's because, with a good handle of photography, basic composition skills, and most importantly - impeccable taste, almost anyone can become an Instagram influencer.  As a result,  the 'gram is busting at the seem with people who all want to be the next "discovered on IG" celeb.  We know that you're time is precious, so we're here to help you sift through all the noise and find the IG girls of Montreal that truly represent their niche. 

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