Here we are again, it's the first week of school for us Concordia students and there's a lot of mixed feelings going around right now. Some of us are happy to be back and are ready to crush this semester. Some of us are not super stoked to be back and are already stressing about our course load and professors. And some of us are still in that summer mode, basically in denial that school is even starting.

I have to admit I'm between the second and third categories right now. I'm not super stoked to be back, my summer was amazing and I really didn't want it to end. I was in denial until yesterday when the first day showed up and I had to come to terms with the fact that this was happening, it's the first week of school. Now I'm really feeling the heat that this semester is going to bring and it's just a matter of time until I'm stressed to the max.

Hopefully you can all relate to some of the feelings I'm having and maybe we're having the same thoughts about our first week of school as well. Let me know if you're having any other back to school thoughts in the comments!

1. New year, new me! I'm totally going to ace this semester.

2. I really hope my profs will just read the syllabus and then let us leave early. I mean, they don't usually teach on the first class right?

3. Omg are they actually starting lecture 1 right now? I was not prepared for this.

4. Oh heck yes, free coffee from CSU all week!

5. Okay, I do not remember Loyola being this far away before. It feels like I've been on this shuttle bus for an hour.

6. Was the shuttle bus always this packed? I'm sweating so much rn.

7. Loyola's actually really pretty! I can totally handle trekking down here everyday this semester.

8. But where do I find something for lunch? Guess I'm stuck with Tim Hortons everyday.

9. Maybe I should go to the library to get ahead in my classes for once.

10. Nah, there's a free concert on the Hall terrasse, the lib can wait.

11. My profs actually sound really nice and helpful this semester!

12. Wait did they just say 50% final?? That is literally impossible.

13. Okay, I might be screwed for this semester already..

14. Wow, did I actually sign up for an 8:45 on Fridays? What the heck was I thinking??

15. F*ck it, I'm going to Reggie's tonight anyways! You can sleep when you're dead right?

16. I do not remember spending this much on textbooks. I just dished out a small fortune for these classes.

17. Maybe I'll just return them and buy them cheaper from the Underground Facebook group.

18. Oh sh*t! I tore the plastic and now it's non-refundable..

19. Wait, I completely forget how to use Moodle.. What's the point of it again?

20. I don't think it's physically possibly for me to take 5 courses this semester. Guess I'll just drop that elective again.

21. They said I couldn't make it from my class at Loyola to my class downtown in 30 minutes.. I'm totally gonna show them how wrong they are.

22. Oh wait, the shuttle takes like a million years they were totally right! Now I have to switch up my whole schedule again.

23. I can totally survive off of all this free food for the entire week.

24. Why are all the classrooms either freezing cold or boiling hot?

25. You know what, I can totally crush this semester. This is going to be an awesome year!

(good luck to all of you this year!!)

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