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40 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend Near Montreal

Hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

Quebec's forests account for 20% of all of Canada's forest and 2% of the forests of the world. In other words, we got a hell of a lot of trees here. Living our day-to-day life in the bustling and increasingly chaotic Montreal, it's easy to forget that a magical nature escape is just a quick drive outside the city.  The Quebec region and it's surrounding areas are a filled with natural hidden gems each more magical than the next.

Whether you want to drop off the grid for a few days and trek deep into the wilderness, or you're looking for a quick breath of fresh air - there is a destination for everyone less than 4-hours outside the downtown core. Each destination has a unique appeal.

Over the next few pages, we will look at some key "secret" destinations and regions near Montreal. Some are perfect for that quick day trip, others require a bit more commitment for a weekend trip, but each one is truly unique and is sure to provide a memorable experience.

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