40 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend Near Montreal
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Visit the highest peak in the North East, Mount Washington in New Hampshire

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Distance from Montreal: approx 4 hours

Why you should go: Mount Washington is a not only a stunning mountain but a perfect region if you're looking for that secluded nature get-away. The surrounding presidential range mountain is truly natures playground and offers tons of outdoor activities in winter and equally in summer.

Get in touch with nature and visit Parc National Du Mont-Saint-Bruno

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Distance from Montreal: approx 30 Minutes

Why you should go: Parc National du Mont-Saint Bruno is only 30 minutes from downtown Montreal and is a playground of outdoor fun. Boasting long hiking and cross-country skiing trails in the winter, and beautiful lakes in the summer. It's perfect for a quick afternoon in the country.

Visit Parc National Du Mont-Orford for Outdoor Fun in winter and summer

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Distance from Montreal: approx 90 min

Why you should go: Parc National Du Mont Orford is only 90 minutes outside of the city and is home to an amazing skill hill and miles of hiking and cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails. You can also enjoy some stunning views from the top of the mountain. Very romantic.

Visit Magog for a real taste of the Eastern Townships Quebec

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Distance from Montreal: approx 90 min

Why you should go: Ice skating, skiing, snowboard, dog sledding, ice fishing - you can do it all in Magog. Making it the perfect weekend getaway destination. Also, the town of Magog itself has some great little restaurants and shops to visit.

Visit Parc De I'ile-Saint-Quentin a natural gem right in Trois Rivière Quebec

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Distance from Montreal: approx 2 hours

Why you should go: Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin is located right in Trois Riviere and is a natural, parked on the banks of the St-Lawrence River this natural gem boasts gorgeous views in the winter and sandy freshwater beaches in the summer. Yes, beaches! Say no more.

Visit the rocky beaches of Portland Main for a romantic weekend getaway

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Distance from Montreal: approx 5 hours

Why you should go: This is one of the destinations that takes a little bit longer to get to, but it SO worth the drive. For a true taste of New England culture, Main is the number one destination. The beach towns are equally as charming and friendly in the summer as the winter, too.

Visit North Hero Vermont for breathtaking lake-front views and New England hospitality

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Distance from Montreal: approx 90 min

Why you should go: Straddling the board of New York State and Vermont State lies a little secret spot few Montrealers know about - Vermont Islands. A series of islands floating in the middle of Lake Champlain.  Characterized by genuine New England hospitality and Quaint antique shops, local farmer markets and family-run inns over looking the lake, this is the destination is perfect for a romantic getaway for two.

Visit Montebello Quebec for unique wildlife sightings and fresh air

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Distance from Montreal: approx 1 hour

Why you should go: Montebello Quebec is known for its frequent wildlife sightings, you're almost guaranteed to some majestic deer while driving on the winding country roads. There are also several luxury spas and hotels in the area, only 1 hour away from Montreal, it's the perfect destination for a romantic night away from the city.

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