It's easy to forget about the impact that everyday activities, like buying clothes, can have on the environment. Buying ethical clothing used to be difficult, expensive and generally was limited to simply buying second-hand items. Thankfully, over the years the industry has grown, and you can now  easily deck yourself out in earth, animal and human-friendly outfits. Montreal alone has plenty of ethical clothing brands for you to choose from. Read on below for 5 affordable Montreal brands that are helping to save the planet.

1. OÖM

OÖM is a Montreal-based ethical clothing company. Their Ethikwear, Bébé and Junior collections use eco-friendly fabrics and techniques to produce stylish comfortwear with great fit and unique prints. They also support a range of socially conscious organizations throughout Quebec and have a comprehensive clothing recycling scheme. They retail online and in various locations throughout the city. Find your nearest store here.


2. Ramonalisa

Want high-quality tailoring that will make all your friends jealous? Then take a look at Ramonalisa, a clothing company that creates high-end limited collections to help you to stand out. Their ethical standards match up too! All of the clothes are designed and made in Canada using sustainable fabrics and techniques. They can be bought online or in stores.


3. Kazak

Designed by Geneviève Paquette, a native Montrealer, and inspired by her travels in Central Asia, this line offers recycled and eco-friendly pieces. Each piece is unique and is usually styled around a recycled or found clothing item. The online store offers affordable clothing and accessories as well as unique and practical purses. You can also find the line in stores across Quebec.


4. Judith and Charles

Judith and Charles is a high-end, high-concept line that keeps 90% of their production within Canada, supporting the economy and preventing sweatshop labour. They are not exclusive to Montreal but you can buy their items online or at Ogilvy and Rockland Centre. As the most expensive brand on the list, these clothes may be a good addition to your Christmas letter to Santa!


5. Go Vintage!

OK, so it's technically not a brand, but going vintage is an amazing way to support Montreal's small businesses and thrift stores. Pick up timeless classics, or items that are totally unique and wacky. Either way, you will be recycling affordable clothing and accessories that would have otherwise been thrown away! We also have a handy guide to the city's best vintage stores!

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