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5 Ways Daylight Savings Time Affects Your Health

The reason why you're feeling crappy lately.

Daylight savings time is almost here which means it's time for the clocks to "fall back". 

Of course, this is the more pleasant of the two time adjustments since we actually an extra hour of sleep this weekend, rather than losing an hour when the clocks "spring forward". 

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But while an extra hour of sleep might seem like a good idea, it can actually have a serious impact on your health over the coming weeks. 

According to experts, In the days following the clock change we see:

  • People feeling sick, sleepy, restless, stressed and jet-lagged. 

  • Huge spike in depression diagnoses

  • An 8% increase in psychiatric hospital cases

  • It's the time of year you're most likely to get a stroke.

  • More people get into car accidents 

Researchers believe this happens because your circadian rhythm is thrown off balance.


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