Heading back to school after a whole summer of down time is no easy feat. Nonetheless, year after year we dust off the ol' pencil case (or possibly, lone pencil) and trudge our way to the god forsaken classroom. No matter what level of schooling you're at and no matter the establishment you're attending, on the first day, you'll always have these six types of students in your class.

Photo cred - Florencias-clothes

1. The one who thinks the classroom is a runway

Whether this person dresses up regularly will remain a mystery (until the second day of school). Even so, they embody all that is posh.

Photo cred - The Pigeon Gazette

2. The one who thinks the classroom is their bed

Though slob is a harsh term, it's the correct one. This student looks like they rolled out of bed and then rolled down some stairs and then down the street all the way to class.

Photo cred - iheartmota

3. The one who lives, loves and breathes Bureau En Gros

Ok let's be honest. We all love back to school shopping, especially when we were younger. There's something about that false sense of productivity that comes from buying pens (ball point and felt tip) and the like that's just so satisfying. Some people just... go a little bit overboard.

Photo cred - Linda Tzunum

4. The one who was reminded of the first day the night before

This kid is just a mess. He's asking around for a pencil, writing on old receipts he dug out of his back pocket and really isn't sure if he's in the right class.

Photo cred - study-spo

5. The one who has their shit together (or, the one you're allowed to hate)

They ask pertinent questions. They take great notes. They've read the first chapter of the text book you haven't bought yet. In fact, you think they've annotated the book up until the third unit. You hate them even though you know you really shouldn't.

6. The one who didn't show up

Ah, the ever-elusive student. You don't know he's there (figuratively) until he's there (literally). Usually on exam day.

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