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8 World-Renowned Destinations You Need To Visit In Canada

This country is a true beauty.

Once again I am here to say, this summer you should be staying in Canada for your summer vacations.  As you can easily see, we've been having some issues with our U.S neighbors down south, and just traveling across the border by car has become somewhat of an issue.

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But fear not! Canada is full of amazing and globally renowned destinations for you to enjoy.  Here are some of the top places that you can vacation to enjoy a little slice of what our vast and beautiful country has to offer.

1. Sauble Beach, Ontario

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Why you should go:  The more I read about this place, the more i'm convinced it's like the Southern California of Canada. Located on the laid-back shores of Lake Huron, this is the Canadian destination for those who are looking for a lazy beach vacation without having to travel down south. The waters of Lake Huron are known for being calm and warm, and the distinct party vibe here is also known to attract flocks of city dwellers who are looking for a good time.

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2. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

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Why you should go:  Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy are known around the world because of the extreme high and low tides in the area. Located in the heart of the Maritime provinces of Canada, The Bay Of Fundy is not only a historical site, but a great destination for those looking for a little nature and adventure on their vacations.

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3. Jasper National Park, Alberta

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Why you should go:   This spot isn't just a national park, it's a national treasure. Jasper Park is a globally recognized gem, and in the past,  it's even been the honeymoon destination for the Royal Family. This destination will give you the perfect mix of deep nature retreat and fun.  With a variety of accommodations ranging from luxury world-class resorts to rustic cabins and lodges, there are accommodations galore in this stunning Canadian park.

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4. Rocher Perce, Quebec

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Why you should go:  Another provincial treasure, the quiet and modest fishing town of Rocher Perce Quebec is actually one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the whole country. Located in arguably one of the most stunning regions of our province = Gaspesie, this sheer rock formation is a sight to behold. And the surrounding towns will give you a true taste of the rich culture of this province. This is a destination for curious people who love to roam the countryside.

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5. Quebec City, Quebec

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Why you should go:  Very few places in Canada are as beautiful and charming as Quebec City. The "old city" of Quebec is especially oozing with charm and lovely views of the water. That said, you haven't truly seen this province until you visit Quebec City at least once. This is the perfect destination for people who love a vacation full of eating, drinking, and history.

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6. Saint Johns, Newfoundland

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Why you should go:  Visiting Newfoundland and Labrador is like taking a trip to Iceland without the crazy long flight. This rugged sea dwelling province is seriously magical, and the people there are bursting with warmth and hospitality. A vacation to Newfoundland is for those who love the smell of the salty sea air and discovering new and unique places.

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7. Vancouver Island, B.C

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Why you should go:  Vancouver Island B.C Is known for its mild climate, beautiful wildlife and untamed nature. On the southern tip, you can find British Colombia's capital city, Victoria. This is a unique destination for people looking for adventure and nature.

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8. Charlottetown, PEI

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Why you should go:  Personally, I've never been to PEI, but I can't stop hearing amazing things about the place. Of course, this is Canada's smallest province and is characterized by all the things we Canadian come to expect of a maritime province. A trip to PEI is for those who love the beach, food, drinking and exploring.

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