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A List Of The Most Boss Babes In Montreal

The city's finest ladies.

With International Women's Day #IWD having just passed, it really made me PROUD to be a woman. [Especially] here in Montreal, where women take empowering each other to another level.

If you haven't heard of the term #BOSSBABE before, it's a movement to encourage women to be the best they can be, every single day.

Remember ladies, no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up! Said from one boss babe to another. Now I present to you a list of boss ladies that are classy, sexy, bossy and killing it in the game!


photo cred - Sandra Angelozzi

Sandra Angelozzi

Founder and International Designer for Femme de Carriere, a collection designed for the modern and sophisticated woman.

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photo cred - @coachsofia

Sofia Echadli

Founder of A New Woman Today. #ANWT

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photo cred - Sonia Zarbatany Elmaleh

Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia is the Executive Vice President for fashion powerhouses Vince Camuto, Sanctuary Clothing, Anonyme and a life coach and motivational speaker.

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photo cred - @ashalina_mtl

Ashlinn Cassidy

Founder behind Montreal spa Barbarella's!

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photo cred - @ellakatzz

Mariella Katz

Founder at Frenzr, a Content Creation/Advertising Agency.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.10.58 PM

photo cred - Mabel Palomino

Mabel Palomino

Mabel is a renown event planner and recognized as one of the best event planners in Canada! She is the Creative Director at Manina.

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For more information, visit their website.


photo cred - Linkedin

Jennifer Masabni

Designer and Founder behind Masabni, a fresh and feminine clothing line designed and produced in Montreal, Canada.

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photo cred - Cindy Charles

Cindy Charles

Founder at Collectively Beautiful, a platform where the world can meet influential women, be inspired by them and join this sorority-like social support - a virtual and physical playground where women can educate and entertain.

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photo cred - Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni

Owner and Founder of Baby Got Booked, a comprehensive training program to help entrepreneurs take control of their stories and get media coverage.

Check out their Facebook and Website here.


photo cred - Pazit Perez

Pazit Perez

Founder of Phototherapy.

Facebook and website.

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