As Montrealers, we have a whole lot of pride for our city and all the people in it! We sure to have a lot of amazing qualities about us, but every city has some flaws that we can ALL relate to. 

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Just this year Montreal celebrated 375 years, making it pretty damn old but each year we grow and become a better city for our people. From the unique foods to the huge festivals we host every year, it's hard to argue why someone wouldn't want to live in Montreal.

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Even with all the Montreal stereotypes that we are just a bunch of hipsters who have an insane nightlife, there are some things that happen to be true about the island that aren't some of the best qualities to have.

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Best: You Don't Need A Car To Get Around

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With the metro, buses, and easy access to bikes, a Montrealer can survive their WHOLE life without ever owning a car! This is a huge plus since you save money on gas, car expenses and you even avoid traffic. You can get across the whole island in less than an hour via public transit. Oh, and of course who could forget about walking! Almost everything is walking distance away from where you work or live. Plus, the bike paths are stunning!

Worst: There Is Construction EVERYWHERE

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If you do drive, or even bike, you will more than 514% have to take a detour due to the never ending construction in Montreal. Not only does this cause traffic on the road, but even the construction in metro stations cause back-ups and herds of people.  Oh, and the best part about construction is that the city becomes decorated with stunning orange cones! I am almost certain that there are more pylons in Montreal than people.

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Best: The Metro Comes Every 5 Minutes (Usually)

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When there isn't a delay, the metro runs every five minutes making you get from one place to the next in a flash! I know what you are thinking, there are delays every other day on the STM, but a majority of the time you are alrady in the metro cart when that happens and standard delay last at most 10 minutes. In addition, Montreal has one of the cheapest metro fares in all of Canada!

Worst: The Stampedes Of Impolite People During Rush Hour

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Rush hour is the absolute worst in Montreal! Not just because of the street traffic, but also because of the stampedes of people on the metro making the cart a live can of sardines! Not only does it get hot and smelly, but the people are so rude. They ram you into doors and run right into you. Plus, it is almost 514% impossible to get off the metro without people herding you back in.

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Best: Hockey Season

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No one loves a good hockey match more than Montrealer's! The Montreal Canadians are a HUGE part of Montreal's identity and nothing will ever change that. Hockey season calls for beer, gatherings, and celebrations which are all things that make Montreal so special and frankly the BOMB!

Worst: Hockey Season Calls For Winter = Countless Snow Storms & Shitty Snow Removal

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Hockey season comes with winter, and winter in Montreal comes with countless snow storms and obviously AWFUL snow removal. The first snowfall is always lovely, however everything afterward SUCKS! Not only does the snow removal take FOREVER, but they do it at 7 AM and wake you up with a bloody siren that reminds every Montrealer that winter is here. 

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Best: We Are Full Of Diversity

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Montreal is a multicultural city that has people from all over the globe! Almost everyone's parents or grandparents immigrated to Montreal and have made it their home. That means that Montreal is full of diverse restaurants and foods that people elsewhere can only get if they travel millions of miles away!

Worst: We Are Full Of Language Barriers 

With all this diversity comes language barriers. Due to the fact that we have to speak both Engish and French, most newcomers struggle to find a job. Learning one language is one thing, but two is another! Even those who are English speaking have a hard time speaking French, so those who are new to Montreal have it twice as hard.

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Best: Streets Are Vibrant With Street Art

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Almost all of Montreal's vacant walls are covered in gorgeous street art. This is a huge plus in Monreal because it makes the city vibrant, cultural, and full of art which everyone loves to take pics with. 

Worst: Streets Are Also Full Of Pot Holes

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Unfortunately, most streets are also full of pot holes. That means your car is bumping around and flat tires are inevitable. Trying to drive through streets becomes real life Mario Kart!

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Best: You Can Legally Drink In The Park


Montrealer's don't have to worry about getting a ticket for drinking in parks, it's COMPLETELY LEGAL! Summers in Montreal are full of public park parties that make for the perfect day. You can have a party with all your friend and enjoy a wonderful evening. 

Worst: You Can Only Get Beer At The Dep

If you really want to party, then you have to go to the dreadful SAQ to get some hard liquor. Unfortunately, the deps in Montreal only sell beer but the SAQ is always packed and they close too early!

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Best: Amazing & Cheap Universities

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Montreal is home to 6 universities that are all a fair price for residences and even those who come abroad. McGill is only 4,000 a year and Concordia is almost half that price! Therefore, most Montrealer's can receive a good education and a fair price.

Worst: Too Many Students & Protests

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With all these amazing prices and great education opportunities, Montreal is FULL of students which does make the nightlife great and the city vibrant and young, however this comes with protests packed buses and metros and plenty of drama.

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Best: Hundreds Of Unique Restaurants

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With all the diversity comes unique restaurants! Not only are they delicious and beautiful, but they are also 514% Instagram worthy and make for the perfect dates!

Worst: We Always Resort To Getting Poutines, Bagels, & Smoked Meat

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Even with all this great diversity, Montrealer's will always go back to what they know... Poutines, bagels, and smoked meat sandwiches. But hey, no one is complaining. 

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Best: Summer Festival

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Montreal is home to AMAZING festival that are honestly HUGE! Every summer Montreal KILLS the festival game with Osheaga, ile soniq, picnik electronik, and others. You can always expect a crazy and eventful summer in Montreal!

Worst: Bipolar Weather

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It's always hard to enjoy summer festivals in Montreal with this bipolar weather. One minute it's hot and sunny and the next it's a damn tornado!

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