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Best And Worst Things About Living In Quebec

It's not all that bad!

Quebec is a wonderful place to live. But you don't need much convincing from me, since you probably live here already. 

We are by far the most interesting and unique province in the country. We get to be Canadian while still retaining our own traditions and culture. 

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We have the best food, the prettiest women, one of the fastest growing economies, and we've even been named the best province to live in, in 2017!

But let's face it, Quebec isn't perfect and there are a lot of crappy things you have to put up with when you live here. 

I for one worry way too much about hitting a moose or a deer while driving than I should be. I'd love to be able to skip a winter every once in awhile, and I'd love to able to think in one language

Unfortunately these are just a few of the worst things about living in Quebec

At least it's not all bad:

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