Epic is really the only word to describe Montreal's victory last night over Boston. The Habs crushed the Bruins on offence and defense, ending the game with 4 goals while the Bruins had none. Not like we needed to tell you though, you were obviously watching too.

Energy was high all across the city, and is always the case, Habs fans took to Twitter to express their joy, happiness, and Bruins hate.

Game 7 is only a day away, but to tide you over with good vibes, here are Montreal's best tweets and photos from last night's shutout-victory.

To sum up the game

Just wait 'til Wednesday


Getting biblical with it


True fans, even when it comes to food


This candy man is a true fan

Sharon, we can help with that

The drug you want to be addicted to

No regrets, just love

You're not, you're supposed to be on a pilgrimage to Boston

Best/most accurate comparison ever

The magic button

Fireworks a plenty

Habs went hunting

Where will you be watching game 7?

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