Drop Everything, "Unicorn Cannolis" Are Now A Thing And They Look Glorious

An explosion of magic and colour.

Guys, when I said "unicorn all the things", I didn't really mean unicorn all the things.

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I mean unicorn the obvious things. Unicorn the cupcakes and the frappuccinos and the macarons... but don't unicorn the cannolis. The cannolis are sacred. 

At least that's what I thought, before I stumbled upon this masterpiece by New York restaurant Gelso & Grand.

This, friends, is the unicorn cannoli: a giant cannoli stuffed with rainbow cream, sprinkles, topped with macarons and cake and... all the good things in the world, basically.

The unicorn cannoli is beautiful. The unicorn cannoli is life. And it even comes with a little wooden mallet, so you can crack open the shell and reveal all the beauty. Behold, friends. Behold.

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