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Here Are The 9 Most Peaceful Places To Go In Quebec When You Need A Break From It All

Instant stress relief.

Quebec's forests account for 20% of all of Canada's forest and 2% of the forests of the world. In other words, we got a hell of a lot of trees here.

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Living our day-to-day life in the bustling and increasingly chaotic Montreal, it's easy to forget that a magical nature escape is just a quick drive outside the city.  The Quebec region and it's surrounding areas are a filled with natural hidden gems each more magical than the next.

Whether you want to drop off the grid for a few days and trek deep into the wilderness, or you're looking for a quick breath of fresh air - there is a destination for everyone, each destination has a unique appeal, and each one less than 3-hours outside of the city.

9. Parc de la chute-Montmorency

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Distance from Montreal: 3-hours

Why you should go: If you grew up in Quebec you probably went here on an elementary school field trip and for good reason. These waterfalls are stunning and one of Quebec's most prized natural attractions. Open all year long, these waterfalls attract tourist from all over. 


8. Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin 

Distance from Montreal: 2-hours

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Why you should go:  Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin is located right in Trois Riviere and is a natural, parked on the banks of the St-Lawrence River this natural gem boasts gorgeous views in the winter and sandy freshwater beaches in the summer. Yes, beaches! Say no more.


7. Montebello

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Distance from Montreal: 1-hour

Why you should go: Montebello Quebec is known for its frequent wildlife sightings, you're almost guaranteed to some majestic deer while driving on the winding country roads. There are also several luxury spas and hotels in the area, only 1 hour away from Montreal, it's the perfect destination for a romantic night away from the city.


6. Lac Megantic

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Distance from Montreal: 3-hours

Why you should go:  Peaceful Lac Megantic is right near the border of Quebec and Maine. It's a great spot to stop over if you're traveling to the US. This massive lake is perfect for a weekend getaway during the hot summer months.


5. Pointe Fraser

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Distance from Montreal: 90-minutes

Why you should go: This is where the border of Ontario and Quebec runs directly through the St-Lawrence river. Pointe Fraser is on the Quebec side, but you can paddle over to Ontario in a few minutes. This spot is perfect for long summer days of boating, fishing, and swimming.


4. Cap-Saint-Jacques 

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Distance from Montreal: 45-min

Why you should go:  Located right on the Island of Montreal, Cap-Saint-Jacques is a national park right on the banks of the beautiful Lac des Deux Montagne. A perfect destination for a short day trip when you need a quick break from the chaos of the city.


3. Lac St-Pierre

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Distance from Montreal: 2-hours

Why you should go: Lac Saint Pierre and its neighboring towns are part of the Mauricie region of the Province. Lac Saint Pierre itself is stunning, this is where the St-Lawrence river opens up right after Sorel Quebec and runs narrow again heading East towards Trois-Riviere. There are all kinds of fun activities to do on the lake. Making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.


2. Coteau-du-lac 

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Distance from Montreal: 1-hour

Why you should go: Located only 1 hour West of the city, Coteau-du-lac is a little-hidden gem for beaches and swimming in the summer. And the most magical sunsets you've ever seen.


1. Parc National Mont Saint-Bruno

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Distance from Montreal: 30-min

Why you should go: Parc National du Mont-Saint Bruno is only 30 minutes from downtown Montreal and is a playground of outdoor fun. Boasting long hiking and cross-country skiing trails in the winter, and beautiful lakes in the summer. It's perfect for a quick afternoon in the country.


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