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If you’ve used to buy or sell an item, you’ve more than likely encountered some shady individuals. Kijiji is the source of frustration for many users because of the constant lowballing of your item, the rude replies, the condescending people and worst of all – thieves.

It’s not to say Kijiji is a bad website. There are millions of transactions completed nationwide each year because of its useful service. You just need to be vigilant and take precautions as with any other transactional website.

One Montrealer West-Islander (who we’ll call RafSTar - the screen name he used on a popular auto enthusiast site found himself to be the victim of a scam when he purchased what he thought was a brand new a Samsung smart phone he found off a Kijiji ad. Upon returning home, he discovered it was a fake unit not worth nearly what he paid.

With no way to contact the seller he took to Google Streetview to scan the streets around where he had met the young seller (who was riding a bicycle). Lo and behold he actually saw images of the thief riding the same bicycle wearing the same shirt back into his home!

RafSTar waited outside the thief’s home until he appeared in order to confront him but the thief still refused to return his money and then got onto a city bus. RafSTar wasn’t having any of it so he boarded the same bus and called the police. After a short ride, the bus was stopped by a cruiser and the thief was arrested.

Score one for Big Brother! You can read RafSTar’s whole account on here.

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