Montreal is a great cosmopolitan city. But with all the benefits of urban living there are also some dating issues that can arise from this jam-packed lifestyle. So many options, so little time, and on top of that we never really know what's going on inside of a guy's brain.

In an attempt to understand them further, we asked Montreal men to tell us exactly what it would take to "lose" them in 10 days. So whether you're looking to shake your most recent fling, or avoid sending him running, here are 10 ways to lose a Montreal guy in 10 days.

1. The "Exclusive" Issue

So this conversation continued into a discussion about when is the right time to decide to give up Tinder. This gentleman is a psych major and said that men don't like to have their backs against the wall, feeling like they're competing against other people for a girl's affections. But the real question is how do you bring up that conversation? Every girl knows that the whole "exclusive" thing makes boys squirm.

2. Don't Play Dumb

This message pretty much says:" don't be stupid, and don't make a guy explain everything to you, it's annoying".  Sometimes you try to extend a convo by asking questions and stretching out a topic (unless you actually don't understand), but if you're doing that because there's not much to say, it probably means there's no chemistry.

3. Be Cooly-Cool-Cool

Women are more emotional by nature, we can't help it, but part of being sexy and interesting is being mysterious, so don't put all your cards out on the table. Being needy = lack of confidence and needing reassurance. Being moody = taking everything to heart and letting it affect your attitude. Being high maintenance = complaining about things and not going with the flow.

4. Drunk-Ass

Even if you can, don't show him that you can drink more than him. The whole "stumbling" thing is not that horrible if it's just a misstep - men have no idea what it's like to wear heels. At the same time, if you stumble and fall over a bar stool and hit tray of drinks out of a waitress' hands... it's probably not going to end well.

5. Baggage

Past relationships are key to knowing where a person's head is at emotionally, but the "don't ask don't tell rule" applies at the beginning of a relationship. Even if questions are asked about your past, once again, keep it a bit mysterious. Don't get into all the ins-and-outs of your last relationship.

6. Pay Attention And Be Real

It's just plain rude to be on your phone while on a date. Also if you show your true colours and be your normal self it kills a lot of guess work, i.e.: if someone doesn't like you then, on to the next one.

7. The "L" Word

If you think you "love" someone after knowing them for a couple weeks, it probably means that you're desperate to find that, and would probably say it to anyone. Even if there's a strong connection and you feel that word coming out of your mouth, STOP YOURSELF!

8. Show Interest In His Stuff Too

Even if you have to force yourself, there's no way you can't find something that slightly interests you, and if you can't, then you're probably not that into him...

9. Appreciate  People

Of course saying thank you is always nice. Everyone wants to be appreciated and even though sometimes it's assumed that a man has to pay, not all of them do, and it's good to show that you notice that nice things he does.

10. Not Liking Poutine

Of course in true Montreal form.

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