Only one contest in Montreal, which is still entirely up for grabs to any Montrealer, is offering any and every person in the city a chance to win unlimited grilled cheese, all summer long.

As part of this awesome contest,  Le Cheese Truck, everyone's favourite cheese-based food truck is offering a Summer Grilled Cheese Pass, which gets you a free classic grilled cheese every time you visit.

And all you have to do is vote in the MTL Awards.

Sorry to be all vague and mysterious, but we know you've probably heard more than enough about the MTL Awards, so we thought we'd remind you just how awesome the MTL Awards is for you, the voter.

There are over $5000 in prizes to be won, with other sexy rewards you can receive simply by voting in the MTL Awards and sharing your vote.

Voting ends May 14th, and there's no limit to how many times you can vote/enter in the sweepstakes, so why not increase your chances of unlimited cheesy goodness?

Get voting, get winning

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