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Montreal Finally Gets The 101 Vagina Tour

One Hundred and One Women: One Hundred and One Stories.

101 Vagina is a book about breaking down the taboo around vaginas and body image shame. It focuses on the lies we are told about what’s normal and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity. It's also about the sharing of story, of experience and the passing down of knowledge and wisdom.

The book tour and exhibition is happening now in Montreal (Saturday 17 May – Sunday 25 May, 2014) at the Le repaire des 100 talents 5867 Rue Saint-Hubert.

101 Vagina is comprised of 101 beautiful black and white photos of 101 women, along with a message, story or poem written by each woman to accompany their photo. These inspirational messages are candid and span the spectrum of emotions. 

The book itself is 216 pages beautifully bound in hard cover and $5 from every book goes to charities working to end or heal violence towards women.

Check out what people are saying about the impact of the 101 Vagina.

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