Last week, we had a story about a some Montrealers who were living in tents on Mount-Royal in order to avoid having to pay rent. There was even a Mcgill Student who did it for 9 months. Well it seems they're not the only ones benefiting from "urban camping."

A Montreal Student named Evan Eames wanted to become an astrophysicist at the University of Manchester, the only problem was that he couldn't afford to pay rent on top of his £20,000 tuition. So he posted an ad on Reddit asking if anyone would be willing to let him camp out in their backyard in exchange for: Doing the dishes, cooking, tutoring, bragging rights ("You would be able to tell your friends you have a Canadian Physicist living in your backyard, come on how cool is that?") and of course, playing Mario Kart with you once in awhile.

Here's the ad he posted: 

Evan Eaves makes his appeal on Reddit
Oddly enough, a woman named Charley Mantack agreed to let Eames stay in her yard if he helped her study for her college courses. Eames braved the crazy weather including the cold and the snow, one night, the winds were so strong his tent flipped over completely. He showered at school and he may have pissed in the garden a few times. Eames was offered the couch on the colder nights but he usually refused. 
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