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Once October draws to a close, the whole world gets into spooky Halloween-mode, even the realm inhabited by everyone's favourite pocket monsters, otherwise known as Pokémon. Montreal's Pokémon League is making sure all of your poké-critters will have a chance to do the pocket monster mash at their official Halloween Party-Tournament.

Legit trainers are invited to participate in the battle part of the party, which is the main event. Anyone who wants to duke it out Halloween-style with their Pokémon will need to register for the tourney, and must use a Ghost or Dark type 'mon in their lineup of critters. This is Halloween after all.

All lovers of Pokémon in Montreal are also invited, and don't need to register for the event to join in. Hosted by Concordia's Otaku (anime and manga) Club, you can expect a lot of folks who will be decked out in cosplay Halloween poké-gear and costumes. You know you've always wanted to rock a Misty outfit without anyone thinking you're a geek.

The Montreal Pokémon League Halloween Event will be going down on Saturday, October 25th at the 7th floor lounge of Concordia's Henry F. Hall Building. Get all the info at the event listing here.

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