The sexy fun and stylings of cabaret need not only happen in a dark club late at night. Montreal's orchesta troupe Fanfare Pourpour is combining summer and cabaret into one free outdoor event full of fun artistic performances called Cabaret Under The Trees.

Setting up at Parc Des Faubourgs (map), Cabaret Under The Trees will begin at 2pm and continue well into the evening, with an eclectic mix of performances filling out the day's festivities. Expect a full-on orchestra playing, dancers, comedians, and all sorts of artists showcasing their talents in the beauty of nature for you to enjoy.

Entirely free, the 4th edition of Cabaret Under The Trees will be suitable for the whole family, with kids and adults alike able to enjoy the many performances. You can check out the full program of events, and the FB event page.

To get a visual on what's in store for you at Cabaret Under The Stars, check out the video from last year's event below.

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