Most People Don't Know You Can Go 'Seal Watching' At This Quebec National Park

The cutest sea creatures, and more!

Southwest of Rimouski, near the small charming village of Bic Quebec, lies a stunning natural park that is home to dozens of activities.

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Bic national park is unique and famous for one very special attraction - it's wildlife. Due to its location on the southern shores of the Saint Lawrence River this park is home to large populations of harbor seals and gray seals. 

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Yes, seals! The dogs of the sea.  Cute and lazy maritime creatures that you can spot in the wild with a visit to this stunning provincial park.

The park also boasts a beautiful landscape of capes, coves, islands, and mountains and is also home to one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the area. You can bike, hike, kayak, or take a guided tour of the area. Tons of resources are available to visitors. 

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So - escape the city for a weekend by taking a trip to nature and visiting the wild side of Quebec. It's really in our backyard. via  

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