Are you happy? Really, and truly, can you call yourself a happy person?

Prove it.

100 Happy Days is a new online challenge that is tasking people to be happy for one hundred days straight. All you have to do is submit a photo to the site, or social media-share with #100HappyDays, of something that makes you happy. Could be anything. A meme, a recipe, a pic of the city, whatever turned on your happy box.

Sounds simple enough, but 71% of the people who tried to do the full 100 days failed. Will you?

100 Happy Days is trying to force people to find a happy moment every day. With our lives dominated by work, school, and constant interaction via the 'net, the world just needs to take a second to simply be happy.

Got what it takes? be a part of the challenge and find more info at the 100 Happy Days website.

How will you be happy?

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