So here's a lesser-known fact about me: one of my (many) life passions is interior design. Legit, anything to do with houses or decor, I go nuts for it.

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The prettier the house, the happier I am; so you can imagine that I'm super thrilled to live in Montreal, where it seems like every single home is more gorgeous than the last.

Especially this incredibly stunning property I stumbled upon through Sotheby's.

This home, in Westmount's Summit Circle is beyond breathtaking.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it's also got tons of features - including a pool, a 2-car garage (with parking for 5 cars in the driveway), terrasses for days, tons of space, and all-around good home vibes.

But the best part? Definitely the view. From the balcony, you can basically see the whole entire city.

Feast your eyes on these glorious pictures, guys.

Check out the full listing on Sotheby's right here.

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