Ontario's First-Ever "Mini Igloo Village" You Gotta Stay At If You Love Winter

The most stereotypical hotel in Canada.

There's no shortage of weird and unusual hotels here in Canada. Actually, there are way more than you could possible imagine.

We have everything from ice hotels, to lighthouse hotels, and even a hotel made up of treetop spheres.

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But if you're looking for a truly unique experience, then I recommend staying in Canada's most stereotypical hotel.

DSCF0029 Photo cred - Hardcore Sledder

This is the North Adventure Inn in Ontario, and it offers some very unique accommodations.

You get to sleep in actual igloos!

3page-img1 Photo cred - North Adventure Inn

And we're not talking about just a plain dome made of ice and snow, these igloos have everything you would find in a regular hotel room.

3page-img2 Photo cred - North Adventure Inn

Each igloo has 2 double beds, sofas, TV, full bathrooms, electricity, Wi-Fi, and even a kitchen with a fridge and microwave.

3page-img3 Photo cred - North Adventure Inn

Though if you're sleeping in an igloo, a fridge seems kind of redundant.

3page-img4 Photo cred - North Adventure Inn

The hotel also has a bar, a driving range, an outdoor hot-tub, and access to snowmobiling trails.

For more information or to book a stay, check out the North Adventure Inn's website.

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