After Urban Outfitters designed a t-shirt marked with the words "Eat Less" on the front, Sophia Bush has decided to boycott the entire fashion outlet.

The One Tree Hill actress has always been a strong promoter of healthy body images for women, worldwide. Now, however, she is taking her cause to a new level by declaring a war against Urban Outfitters.

In an open letter to Urban Outfitters which was posted on her blog, Bush wrote:

“You should issue a public apology, and make a hefty donation to a women’s organization that supports those stricken with eating disorders. I am sickened that anyone, on any board, in your gigantic company would have voted ‘yes’ on such a thing, let alone enough of you to manufacture an item with such a hurtful message. It’s like handing a suicidal person a loaded gun. You should know better.”

Sophia stands close to her belief and assures others that she will not allow Urban Outfitters to make a profit off of "anorexia- promoting t-shirts".

What do you think about the t-shirt Montreal? Will you be joining Sophia in her boycott against the store?

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Disclaimer:Please note that this issue which grew between Sophia Bush and Urban Outfitters occurred in June 2010. It is a part of our mission to make visitors aware of various issues such as this one in order to maintain a socially responsible community. For that reason, we thought appropriate to talk about what happened and bring back awareness to the issue.
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