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Super Racist Interactive Map Of Montreal

This map could use some updates.

A few years back, we wrote about a super racist Montreal map.

Someone had decided to map out every Montreal neighborhood according to racial and cultural stereotypes and the results were received with mixed reviews. 

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But now there is a new website used to map out the neighborhoods of various cities around the world so you'll always know what to expect in case you move there.

The neighborhoods are divided by color to show you who lives there. 

So far Montreal is divided by: Hipsters, rich people, tourists, suits, university students and what they call "normies".

The map also allows for people to add tag labels to offer more details but the only ones that have been marked are:

  • Babies

  • French Mommies

  • More hipsters than Brooklyn

  • Hasidic Jews

  • Irritating students

Whoever added those tags is either dumb, racist, or all of the above.

Luckily the map is meant to be updated, so if in case you feel like the info is wrong, or if it doesn't reflect the Montreal you know and love, you can always contribute and add more information to the page.

Check out Hoodmaps to interact with the Montreal map here

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