Everyone is prone to a typo every once in a while, even a municipality. We can't lie and say we're not frequent perpetrators of the online-typo (yes, we're aware, but please always let us know <3) so no judgement to the City of Montreal, who muff'd up a bit on a recently staked construction sign.

Set up on Cathédrale, right near Bonaventure metro station (map), the sign points out that the street is closed, so people should head towards Pell street. No, wait, that's supposed to read "Peel." See, no ones perfect. Could happen to anyone.

You could argue some clever vandals just etched-out the protruding ends of the second 'E' to make it an 'L,' or the sign was just printed wrong and the construction team just said "eff it, people will get the point." I'm sure Montrealers did, but if you see a tourist looking for Pell street, help 'em out.

Thankfully these typos are few and far between, but we still remember a certain sign on the Jacques Cartier Bridge on St. Jean Baptiste Day that had a couple screwy letters...

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