I think we can all agree that Greece is a dream destination for all of us. I don't know about you, but I've dreamt of travelling to Greece for so long to lounge on the white sandy beaches, cool off in the sparkling turquoise water and enjoy the classic Greek cuisines all day long! 

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Doesn't that just sound like a dream? I definitely never thought it could actually be a reality since Greece is known to be a very expensive destination. But there's actually a lot of islands in Greece that are totally affordable!

If you steer clear of the more tourist-y islands like Santorini, Athens and Mykonos you'll be able to afford this trip no problem!

10. Poros, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $9.60

Cheapest Beer: $4 

This small Greek island is a must-visit if you're looking to travel Greece for cheap. It's not too far from Athens and it's home to some gorgeous sights of it's own. You can look at the sailboats by the water in Poros Town, climb the stairs to the Clock Tower to get a perfect view of the sunset or get your tan on on one of the numerous beaches!

9. Andros, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $12

Cheapest Beer: $5.85

Andros is the northern island in the Cyclades archipelago and it's filled with natural beauty, amazing beaches and picturesque villages! You should definitely soak up the sun at Zorkos Beach, hike to the flowing waterfalls in Pithara, or rent a speed boat and spend some time out on the water!

8. Kalymnos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $12.50

Cheapest Beer: $5.15 

This stunning island located in the southern Aegean Sea has so much beauty to offer visitors. You can take climbing lessons to learn how to climb this island's tall, jagged cliffs, visit the Factory of Natural Sponges, lounge at the beach and enjoy some of the amazing restaurants scattered across the island!

7. Antiparos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8

Cheapest Beer: $4.40

This amazing island is located in the heart of the Cycladic archipelago. It's so gorgeous in fact, many celebrities including Tom Hanks own villas here! You should absolutely visit the Venetian Castle, explore the ancient caves of Antiparos, have a seaside meal in Agios Geogios and so much more! 

6. Symi, Greece 

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Cheapest Meal: $7.35

Cheapest Beer: $4.50

This stunning island is made up of 8 major beaches all with gorgeous white sand for you to lounge your day away on! There's coves, pebble beaches only accessible by boat, amazing coastal seafood restaurants and so much more!

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5. Thassos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8.10

Cheapest Beer: $4.40

This stunning Macedonian island should definitely be at the top of your list. The island is filled with soft sandy beaches, shady pine woods and tons of amazing sights to explore. 

4. Lemnos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8.85

Cheapest Beer: $4.42

This island is full of amazing sights to see and things to do! It's rich in history and natural beauty and has so much to offer visitors when they arrive. Windsurfing and kite surfing are super popular in this area, so why not take a lesson while you're there? Visit the Medieval Castle of Myrina and explore the cute shops and restaurants in town! 

3. Tinos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8.85

Cheapest Beer: $4.40

This gorgeous island isn't far from the famous Mykonos Island but it's way more affordable to visit! It has amazing hillside views, top-notch local cuisine and tons of amazing historic sights to see! Visit the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, visit the Museum of Marble Crafts and eat delicious seafood meals on the beach!

2. Serifos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8.50

Cheapest Beer: $4.80 

This amazing island should definitely be at the top of your travel list. The beaches here are unbelievably stunning, take Livadi beach for example. You can explore the winding roads with gorgeous architecture and experience an exciting nightlife scene! 

1. Milos, Greece

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Cheapest Meal: $8.50

Cheapest Beer: $4.80

The volcanic island of Milos is 100% one of the most gorgeous islands in all of Greece. The water is bright turquoise blue, the sand is a bright red colour and there's 72 whole beaches to choose from! This island will literally take your breath away with it's beauty.

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