Montreal girls suffer from a severe addiction… taking classic fall Instagram pictures. I can say that I am guilty of taking half of these pictures during the fall. Montreal girls have invaded Instagram but in the fall it's like an overload! Something about the crisp fall air just makes Montreal girls go crazy for classic fall pictures

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Let's be honest, who hasn't taken a picture of the beautiful fall colors at Mount Royal or the cute apples and pumpkins from Quinn Farm. It's super fun to take these superb Instagrams and with Halloween around the corner, you can expect it to be filled with costumes and well Montreal!

1. The Classic Pumpkin Picking Picture With Your BF/BFF

2. The Classic Coordinated Halloween Costume Picture With Your BFF

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3. The Classic Cute Couple Costume Picture With Your Bf

4. The Classic Mount Royal Picture Of The Fall Leaves

5. The Classic Apple Picking Picture With Your BF/BFF

6. The Classic Study Picture With A Pumpkin Spice Latte

7. The Classic Fall Bota Bota Picture

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8. The Classic Botanical Garden Picture

9. The Classic Atwater Market Picture

10. The Classic Halloween Cookies Picture

11. The Classic Pumpkin Carving Picture

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12. The Classic Ceramic Cafe Picture

13. The Classic Throwing Leaves Up In The Air Picture

14. The Classic Sweater Weather Picture

15. The Classic Chocolate Bomb Picture

16. The Classic Mont-Tremblant Picture

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