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The 8 Top Rated "True Crime" TV Shows On Netflix Canada

All Rotten Tomato approved.

90s revival is everywhere. Not only are the questionable aesthetic choices of the 90s back in style, but film and especially television producers are tugging at our memory strings by producing content that reminds us Millenials of our younger teen days.

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Remeber shows like Cold Case Files, Exhibit A: Secrets Of Forensic Science, and Forensic Files. The late 90s was prime-time for true crime and investigative reporting. Well, the trend is back! And Netflix is hosting and producing a ton of true crime feature-length documentaries and mini-series.

With a long list of crime and investigative documentaries to sift through on Netflix, it can be a lot to handle. We did the Rotten Tomato research for you and selected only the top-rated picks. Make sure to add them to your Netflix list for the weekend.

8. Making A Murderer

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Rotten Tomato Score:  98%

Why it's worth watching:  Viewers are taken deep inside a high-stakes criminal case, filmed over a 10-year period, a man finds himself as the prime suspect in a grisly crime. Reputation is everything and things are never as they appear.

7. American Crime

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Rotten Tomato Score:  97%

Why it's worth watching: This is an American Crime anthology that originally aired on ABC. This fictional series first season centers on race, class, and gender politics as it follows the lives of the participants in a trial who are forever changed during the legal process

6. Shadow of Truth

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Rotten Tomato Score:  100%

Why it's worth watching:  While investigating the murder of a 13-year old Tair Rada, this documentary tackles the futility of searching for the truth in our flawed justice system.

5.  Rectify

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Rotten Tomato Score:  96%

Why it's worth watching:  In this American drama series, A man must put his life back together after serving 19 years on Georgia's Death Row before DNA evidence calls his conviction into question.

4. The Confession Tapes

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Rotten Tomato Score:  95%

Why it's worth watching:  This is a true crime investigation documentary series that presents six cases of possible false confession which all led to the convictions of features individuals. For each story, the documentary thoughtfully presents an alternative perspective on how the crime could have unfolded from the view of experts on false confessions, criminal law, and psychology professionals.

3. Time: The Kalif Browder Story

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Rotten Tomato Score:  100%

Why it's worth watching:  This documentary recounts the story of Kalif Browder, a young Bronx teen who was accused of theft resulting in 3-year imprisonment - 2 in solitary confinement-  after his family could not afford the $3,000 bail.

2. The Keepers

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Rotten Tomato Score:  96%

Why it's worth watching:  This documentary series explores the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun Sister Cathy Cesnik and the rumors and secrets that hide behind her mysterious passing.

1. American Vandal

Via imdb

Rotten Tomato Score:  97%

Why it's worth watching:  Over 8 nail-biting binge-worthy episodes, this hilarious and thought-provoking true crime satire explores the aftermath of a vulgar high school vandalism prank. This classic "who done it" story pokes and prods at the classic question: should we judge people by their cover? Resulting in a very surprising conclusion.

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