9 Country Roads In Quebec That Are Pure Bliss In The Summer

Get out on the open road.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that driving relaxes me. When you get out on the road and are able to just drive time sort of slows down and you can really think for a while. 

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What's great about driving is some of the amazing things you can see along the way. If you're going on a long drive you're bound to come across some great views and maybe even some rare wildlife, especially sine we live in Canada. 

Quebec actually has a bunch of driving routes dedicated to various sites that this province is famous for. Below you'll find routes that pass by bodies of water, routes that pass by mountains and routes that pass through cute Quebec towns. The views are all magnificent and I guarantee they'll take your breath away.

Get ready for some road trips this summer! 

Long Scenic Drives By The Water 🐳

Long Scenic Drives By Mountains 🗻

Long Scenic Drives Through Cute Towns ⛪

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