The Insane "Water Labyrinth" Near Montreal That Looks And Feels Like You're In The Florida Keys

An a-Maze-ing adventure!

Summer may have finally ended but that definitely doesn't mean we have to stop exploring. Fall offers tons of opportunities for adventures we just have to find them! 


Lucky for you that's my job! I love finding new adventures super close to Montreal that you guys can out and experience. 

You've got to try this insane water labyrinth that's just 2 hours 40 minutes outside of Montreal in Wakefield, QC! 

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This crazy water maze as they call it is located at Eco-Odyssee and it looks insanely fun! 

How it works is you can choose a canoe or a paddle boat, you wander through the marshy water maze while identifying species, learning about the ecosystem and just exploring! 

Via Éco-Odysséevia @tvrottawa

You can rent the paddle boat or canoe for $49.50 and that's the only cost! Then you choose the level of adventure you wish to go on, from beginner to expert and the entire trip will take about 2-2.5 hours!

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Via Éco-Odyssée

Check out their website for more information. 

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