The Scariest Montreal Metro Stations You Don't Want To Be Alone At

Situations you've all been in.

Anyone living in Montreal has felt creeped the F*CK out at least once while waiting for the metro. Whether it be the pure fact that you are alone, or some creep who just keeps getting closer and closer, we can all agree that some metro stations are scarier than other in Montreal. 

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I take the metro everyday at least 2 times a day and especially late at night, and I can honestly say that I get scared on the daily. My tactic is usually to try and ignore it, but when someone is punching the wall and starts walking towards you at midnight on a Saturday while waiting at LaSalle metro, you can't really help but say "OH FUCK NO" in your head. So, based on personal experience from me and some of my friends, here are some of Montreal scariest metro station you REALLY don't want to be alone at.

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