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The Secret Montreal Cave You Can Visit And Explore With Your Friends

Time for an adventure in Park Pie XII.

Photo cred – Journal Metro

You may not know this but Montreal has a pretty impressive set of underground caves right in the middle of the city. At the center of Park Pie IX in St-Leonard lies the entrance to the Cavernicole Cave, a historic site that was first discovered in 1812.

During the rebellion of 1837 the cave was used to store weapons as well as a hiding place for patriot soldiers. The cave was later almost completely forgotten about until 1949 when an article on the cave appeared in the Journal La Patrie. The cave was deemed a safety hazard that needed to be fenced off. It remained obstructed from 1968 until about 1978 when the Quebec Speleology Society opened it back up so that it could be studied. Since then the site has been designated as a historic landmark and a tourist attraction.

About 3,000 people visit the cave every year and you can too! The cave features a large 40 meter entrance that leads to an open area. The room gets gradually smaller as you venture in deeper which then leads to even more underground passages.


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