Happy Friday Montreal! (unless you're reading this on a Monday) I know exactly how you feel, it's the end of the week, you've been working hard and you're just not going to be as efficient as you normally are today.

It's not your fault, it's science ... or something. In any case, the perfect solution for this kind of feeling is procrastination, which is why I invite you to take a moment and lose yourself in a luxurious fantasy world by checking out this compilation of some of the most expensive condos in Montreal.

1. Ottawa street, Le Sud-Ouest - 5 995 000 $

Hands down the most prestigious condo in Montréal. It takes up the entire 20th floor and has a private elevator and exclusive access to the rooftop terrace.

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2. Av. Pierre-Dupuy, Ville-Marie - $3,650,000

This penthouse condo is fully equipped with smart home technology, it has insane views from all 4 balconies as well as a private fully equipped gym and a state of the art kitchen.

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3. Côte-des-Neiges, Ville-Marie - 3 515 000 $

Gated community condo in a historic building with private indoor pool and tennis court. Features a massive generator that ensures you will never have to suffer through a power outage.

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4. Sherbrooke O., Ville-Marie - 3,495,000 $

This place looks like it was stolen directly out of some design magazine. Renovated by some of the most reputable designers in Miami. right across from the Ritz Carleton this place actually makes the Ritz look like crap.

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5. Sherbrooke O., Ville-Marie - 3 295 000 $

Located in the heart of downtown, this 4000 square foot condo features 2 levels with very high ceilings  and an ultra-modern design

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6. Peel, Downtown - $2,995,000

Amazing renovated townhouse with a entrance. Fully modernized and includes a doorman, security, pool and a gym.

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7. Gauchetière Ouest, Ville-Marie - $2,989,000

Modern 10th floor condo with an open space lofty concept, complete with naked painting hanging over the bathtub. (a necessity)

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8. Rue St-Jacques, Vieux-Montréal - $2,888,000

Majestic condo apartment that looks like British royal country estate. Almost unnecessarily luxurious ... almost.

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9. Côte-des-Neiges, Ville-Marie - 2 645 000 $

Superb 2 floor penthouse condo featuring 2 of the few private terraces in the building Uniquely located, this building features 24 hour valet parking.

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10. Westmount-Square, Westmount - $2,049,000

Two story urban condo that redefines sophistication. Large open spaces and a beautiful scenery with breathtaking views from every room.

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