The World's First "Beauty And The Beast" Themed Cafe Is Now Open And You Gotta Go ASAP!!! (10 Photos)

Prepare to 'be their guest' and don't forget to 'try the gray stuff'.

Friends, what on this earth is better than a reboot of your favourite childhood Disney movie? Nothing. Exactly. That's what I thought.

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Oh wait, except there is something better than your fave Disney classic returning to greet you in adulthood: real-life things that are based on your fave Disney classic. Like dolls, clothes, and... cafes.

Yes, guys. You read that right. Cafes.

Like, for example, the super cute Beauty And The Beast themed cafe that's set up shop in London's The Kensington Hotel. They've got an afternoon tea setup called the "Tale As Old As Time", rife with super cool references to Beauty And The Beast. And trust, friends, it looks super, super awesome!

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