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This Insanely High "Zipline" Near Montreal Is Something You Need To Conquer

Prepare for an adventure this summer!

Summer is finally here and that means we're all excited to get in our cars and get out of the city ASAP. Summer is the perfect time to explore all the cool things that we have in and around the great province of Quebec. 

There's some crazy things to explore like waterfalls, breathtaking hiking trails, lazy rivers to float down, and unreal ziplines! In New Hampshire, just 4 hours from Montreal there's an insane adventure waiting for you. 

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At Gunstock Mountain Resort there's a huge zipline with spectacular views! You'll fly from the top of Gunstock Mountain over top of Lake Winnipesaukee with the White Mountains right beside you.

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The zipline is a total of 1.6 miles around Gunpoint Mountain and you'll reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour! There's tons of other activities you can enjoy at this resort as well, like segway tours, treetop adventures, their mountain roller coaster, and more!

Check out their website for more information.

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Grab your besties and get out on the course this summer! 

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