This Gorgeous Beach In Quebec Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Miami

Blue water, white sand, and good times.

When you think of Quebec, you might not instantly think of gorgeous beaches.

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I mean, we have tons of amazing things in this province. Beautiful scenery; amazing culture; gorgeous parks; breathtaking forests... but beaches? Yeah, that might not be on the list.

Except that it totally, totally is.

Sandy Hook Beach (or Plage Du Havre) is a gorgeous beach situated in Havre-Aubert, Quebec, which is in Les Iles De La Madeleine. 

It's got pretty much everything you could ever want in a gorgeous beach. White sand, blue waters, and a whole lot of good vibes, basically. 

Plus, you can go kayaking, kitesurfing, and bird watching. So not only is this a beautiful place to chill, but it's also a glorious spot to have some serious fun.

Not only is this beach incredibly gorgeous, but Havre-Aubert, Quebec is breathtaking, as well. So you can go exploring and still be seriously stunned, too!

For more information on Plage Du Havre, check out Tourisme Iles De La Madeleine's official website.

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