Italian street art collective 0707 has created a global street art craze that is simple, to-the-point, and has the world’s romantics clutching their melted hearts: Stickers telling you to kiss. The collective started out by simply attaching black rectangular stickers to scenic spots around town, informing cutesy couples of the opportunity for an amorous lip-lock in a gorgeous setting.

Not gonna lie, I’m into it.

The stickers have been found in cities including Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Taiwan and Australia. Thing is, I haven’t seen any around Montreal yet. The collective’s grown to 2000 members, and while they’re still not able to send out stickers to people for free, they have a new contest happening on Facebook to win some. Post a picture of a local “kiss spot” that could use a sticker on 0707’s Facebook page, to win some for free.

Or, you know, improvise.

Even if this just seems too cutesy for your bitter broken hearts, the idea of being involved with a piece of art that is interactive, global, and aimed at spreading loving affection seems like a pretty cool initiative.

Get involved Montreal, what’re some of the city's good kiss spots?

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