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This Is Justin Trudeau's Favorite Montreal Restaurant

If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for you.

Back when Justin Trudeau first announced he was running to become Canada's next Prime Minister, the random questions about every single little detail of his life started pouring in. 

So now we know the really un-important things such as: where he gets his hair cut (wherever he happens to be) , if he prefers beer or wine (beer) and what his favorite movie is (Star Wars). 

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But we also got some pretty useful information too like the fact that his biggest political regret was the d'Artagnan goatee. And we also found out what his favorite restaurant is.

It's called Sakura Gardens and it turns out it's located right here in Montreal. 

Sakura first opened on Crescent street way back in July 3rd 1973, and at the time, there were only three Japanese restaurants in Montreal in total, so it's actually one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in the city. 

And they're food looks absolutely amazing.

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