This Magical Gondola Ride Near Montreal Takes You To Hidden Glacial Caves

The coolest adventure to take this fall!

There's no shortage of crazy adventures near Montreal and now that the weather has cooled off a bit, it's the perfect time to experience them! 

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Last week I told you all about the train bikes that you can take in the Adirondacks which look insanely cool and fun, and now there's this new crazy adventure that requires barely any physical activity at all! 

via @loonmountain

Via Loon Mountain Resort

You can take this stunning gondola ride through the clouds at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire! Once you get to the top of the mountain you can explore the stunning lake on top of the mountain! 

Via Trip Advisor

One of the most magical places on top of this mountain is their hidden glacial caves that you can actually walk through! These caves are over 50,000 years old and made with granite. 

Via Loon Mountain Resort

Via Loon Mountain Resort

You can walk through the caves on their boardwalk, take stairs up to the top overlooking the mountain, and stairs down into the deep glacial depths! It's a super fun adventure that you definitely don't want to miss this fall.

via @thunhiim

Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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