This morning I stumbled upon a weird website subscription in my inbox that I never subscribed to titled Things I Find In The Garbage. It got me so curious, I had to click on the link. As soon as the website popped up, I was mind blown.

Meet Montreal's "professional scavenger and entrepreneur". He makes a living by selling... wait for it... garbage! He digs through stuff other people choose to throw out and then sells it on eBay and Kijiji. Genius! Some of his finds are so cool, I just had to share this story.

I also tried to look for the face behind this fascinating project, but no luck... which makes this whole thing even more intriguing and mysterious.

Here are some of the cool things he found in the garbage around Montreal:

Photo cred - Garbagefinds

Gold plated Montblanc pen sold on eBay for $70.

Vintage brass adjustable book holder sold on eBay for 90$.

Vintage photo rights sold for $60 to a local newspaper.

1951 Centennial Model Singer 221-1 Featherweight Sewing Machine sold on Kijiji for 450$!!!

Gold and silver scrap sold to a local antiques dealer for 595$. Crazy!

This site made me realize how wasteful we are as modern consumers.

If these vintage finds got you interested, follow Garbage Finds on Facebook and official website

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