This Quebec Town Has An Emerald River That Runs Though It (20 Photos)

A stunning spot you need to check out.

Guys, every so often, I come across a spot that's so beautiful I seriously need to share it with everyone.

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Like, for example, Quebec's Bonaventure River. Situated near Bonaventure, Quebec, in the Gaspe Peninsula, this river is actually the most stunning thing I've ever stumbled upon.

The water here is so clear, you can see right to the bottom - if you're in a canoe, it looks like you're legit floating in thin air.

That's not all, though. The water is also a really intense emerald green colour; literally, imagine chilling in clear, emerald green waters... that sounds pretty magical to me, TBH. Check out all the stunning views of the Bonaventure River, friends:

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